new useful freeswitch tips

September 1, 2014

As we delve deeper into FreeSwitch the discovery of clever little tools makes life easier

Display the value of a variable:

# display the value for the 'domain' variable 
fs>  eval ${domain}

Find out if user exists:

fs>  user_exists id <domain>
# the value for <domain> can be obtained using the technique mentioned above: 'eval ${domain}'
# in the example below we try to locate user 100 at domain
fs>  user_exists 100
fs>  module_exists mod_directory
#will return true if  mod_directory has been loaded

Load freeswitch module

fs>  load mod_directory
#will try to load mod_directory if it has been compiled and installed properly

Display the dialplan

fs>  xml_locate dialplan 


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